Falcon Automation

About the Project

Honestly, I just was bored and I started redesigning the logo from Falcon Automation. Just because their logo was ugly and I didn’t like it.

Logo Design, Rebranding


The colors

My challenge was clear, I started with the light blue on the left and made it darker so it gave a deep blue look.

A little more about the brand, Falcon Automation is a ICT company founded in 1991 in Zutendaal, Belgium.

Today, Falcon is a team of network specialists and developers with 1 vision: install, automate, optimize and maintain a SME.

Region Limburg, Belgium is their primary focus. Thanks to their central location, they guarantee a fast and personal service.

Final Result

Darker version


I also made a darker version for Falcon. This can be used in other situations where a darker background is nicer.